Kasia Trofimiuk

Kasia Trofimiuk

Contemporary Abstract Landscape Painter

Time, Energy and Light are the main themes interwoven in my art. Through my painting, I aim to express something of a sensory experience of being in an undefined landscape. It is neither reality nor a dream, but a space in between.

Line, colour, energy, movement and light collide to create a wealth of visual experiences of a landscape without defining a particular boundary of time. The work is both a response to energy and an attempt to communicate a sense of timelessness and freedom. Light in my work has significant meaning, it is a metaphor for the Oneness.

I work intuitively and in a gestural way to create textures through raw paint applications and an energetic process of ”cutting” the work by drawing onto its surface. Through this process, I explore surfaces, colour, shape, tone, composition and most important line and mark making. These markings have symbolic meanings as well as guiding the viewer’s eye through the painting like a map or a river through a landscape. Creating these landscapes I articulate the presence of energy without boundaries or time. The work evokes an emotional response as well as a sensory experience.

I feel that my work is a fusion of universal symbolism and that in a way is multidimensional in meaning and interpretation. I collectively explore these influences in my work, and in a way describe a world without time, enforced by energy sequences and highlighted by light which is potent with symbolism.

My work aims to create a sensory experience as well as a meaningful contemplation and influence my viewers with its energy.


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Mix media on canvas


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